With my ability as a superhuman, my enhanced senses, and my accomplishments as Wonder Woman, I have worries that my incredibly aspirational resemblance of flight, will negatively impact my fans as they watch me flying near and far. While I am using my strengthens and flight for the good of the world, and I do, agree that flight is an integral part of seeing the world – take one return flight for those who aren’t superhero’s, emits more CO2 than some people produce in a year. This is where I turn to my friends at Informing you…Sustainably. We have been working together to generate conversation about my love of flight, but more so, my love for the planet and educating those I protect. I’m not saying I will halt my flying, as it is apart of my duty; however, I want to illuminate the environmental degradation that comes with commercial and private planes, and the acknowledgment we must take when flying worldwide.

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