At an initial click, I was enthralled by my peer From_Joshua’s website. The clean lines, bold font, and monochromatic (but in a chic way) theme, enticed me to dive deep into how they customized such a beautifully formed site.

Referring to Travis Gertz’s article Design Machines, Gertz states “why should anyone care about how it reads?” to which much of our over-saturated media users would argue, it is the upmost importance, and this is reflected in my peers blog, in which he utilizes how his text reads to mirror the ~vibe~ of his site. The typography signifies a serene, industrial, and masculine essence. I find the choice of this font to be integral to incorporating From_Joshua’s overarching white space blogsphere, it reinforces the cohesiveness of the site from the landing page to beyond. The only suggestion I may have – in which I am not positive that this is possible – is to perhaps alter the font of the date, to strike more similar with the remainder of the site’ identity.

The drop-down effect on From_Joshua’s site is a convenient, clean-cut tool. The black space fills the screen as users have options in viewing his: home, blog, posiel, and about page. The addition of the further refining of the posiel section, I have taken inspiration from to add into my own blog. The streamline effect of this makes his layout not only appealing for viewers, but as a fellow student, notably beneficial for organization purposes. Although the layout rings familiar in past interfaces I have connected with, it is timeless with the appeal and user-ease it provides.

As for social media integration, I did not find any – which is totally understandable. Personally, I was unsure of what to choose to hyperlink in my own blog, so I am picking up on a similar confusion from Joshua. His own Instagram? Twiiter? Probably the best bet would be a LinkedIn page – which I would possibly recommend to Joshua as his site is remarkably well-structured and hyperlinking his profile could wind up with some interesting design hits! The design, theme, usability, and layout of From_Joshua’s blog has left me inspired to revamp my own, so for that, thank you!

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