A beautifully constructed aesthetic and theme, Life of Daria, a lifestyle fashion blog, creates an inviting space and sets the tone for the audience to grasp the essence of the blogger in the moment of a click and a refresh. Illustrating the voice of Daria, I found Mini Assignment One to be a fantastic introduction to the brand of the website. A ‘starter pack’ of the most quintessential things Daria makes me want to see where the rest of her blog will go.

A witty, endearing, and concise blog, I think the potential for a well-developed continuation is definitely in the horizon. As for voice, this goes the same. Using casually – yet inviting and expressive – vernacular, will serve Daria well in facilitating a peek into her go-to’s in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and whichever road she intends to explore. It is because of this established online presence that I feel as though Daria has the ability to get creative with her audience – they are there for her, and that can lend itself to a large audience with a variety of interests while subsequently, granting trust in Daria as their tastemaker.

Life of Daria has the trajectory to do very well beyond the means of this class; however, I think perhaps the nuances of WordPress may be of technical barriers at these early stages. It seems as though some of the posts are post-dated, which is a very easy mistake to make; but luckily, extremely easy to fix with a little tweaking! With this being said, I foresee the blog to undertake some technical support and from there, a flawlessly produced blog with information I personally, will be extremely advent to keep up with!

Congratulations Daria on setting up a welcoming, interesting, and strong start to a blogspace! Your ‘friend-like’ tone of voice and character, shines through your work and I think after tightening up the WordPress side of things, you have the environment set for a fantastic portfolio of your work.

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