What an end to a course, semester, and quite the beginning to graduation, living amongst a pandemic, and working through the complex anxieties that coincide with these chapters ending and beginning.

As for my flexible five, I would grant myself the 5%. This semester has been the furthest thing from easy. Regardless of the world being in self-isolation, my parents nearly not making it out of Spain pre-lockdown, my Mother working on the frontline (coming home to my immunocompromised Father), life sometimes has a comical way of getting in your way. Creating personal and environmental struggles that you are forced to work through, and all one can do is: give a slight of a smile. Finding levity in the mounting deadlines, relationship turmoil, and mental health challenges, all we can practice is compassion, awareness, and humour. All this to say, I have found myself with immense growth from the balancing act I have preformed the past four months. Letting my perfectionism take a backseat while I create a blog space that I could tweak for hours. One slight difference in hue. One more sentence. The surrendering to making memes, gifs, and undertaking the tone of Wonder Woman, has led me to see the benefit of allowing myself to embrace the side of the internet that brings me a sense of childhood play.

. . . and scene.

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