Reflecting on this week, I have been consistently checking in on my vision board. How will my aesthetic flow? Will the cohesively curated photos reflect in my work? However, as integral to blogging as this is, the real work has come in the nitty-gritty’s of WordPress.

For starters, I have been flagged that my connection to the website is not safe – which is inherently problematic. As it is absolutely insurmountable, that I will be apart of an identity fraud crisis, this has been quite a large part of my week – it turns out protecting yourself against bots is a time consuming activity. Installing anti-virus software, seemed to momentarily work; however, I am now at a crossroad where my connection is still ‘not secure’ which is evoking me to be insecure.

Despite working on WordPress in previous years, I have yet in my University career to start ground-up with a website. I feel as though I’m at constant crossroads with the development of my page. While this week I have been struggling to construct a heavily visual presence, I have had to allow this to take the back-burner as I forge a well-working site. This is where the installation of the Google Analytics plug-in was a rationale towards busier weeks ahead, as I intend to base my work surrounding their traffic-recording data. However, approaching this next week, a goal of mine is to collect further imagery that reflects the essence of my blog while subsequently, not allowing this to be all-consuming and interrupt major website development.

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