Numbers, stats…Google analytics. I was actually astonished when I saw my viewer records, I assumed maybe one or two people would be interacting with my site, but it was in fact in the 10s!! Most of my viewers interact with my content when I have three assignments due in one day. Of course, mass posting will in turn, entice more viewers to one’s site; however, I was surprised as my tags haven’t been seemingly working in pass posts. With this being said, I do think sustainability questions are one’s that folk oftentimes turn to the internet to do more research on. I’m not sure if it’s a train of thought that comes up late at night so perhaps people don’t ask their peers face to face? Or an area that internet readers figure they could learn more about? I do think my topic does lend itself to these viewers that are curious about adopting new lifestyles, and thanks to Google analytics, I am able to track these numbers and perhaps, if I continue on with my blog post University deadlines, I can pre-plan my posts in order to pickup the level of interaction!

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