One of my upmost favorite websites to frequent: Vogue; British edition.

Scrolling through the Arts and Lifestyle section, there is always the headline article for the week that hangs out on the left side of the screen, while the smaller features collage on the right side. I have always loved this design. It’s sleek, informative, and gives the user a snippet of Vogue that week. While I would love to implement this structure in my own site, I’m afraid I do not – yet – have the ability to configure such a format.

On my own site, I do take careful editing amongst my About section. I figure that some of the best websites I frequent, have a concise, intriguing, and well written welcome or about page. This is a part of my site I will tackle until I am satisfied with the outcome.

Here is some insight into what I was referring to in my feature of Vogue:

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