Your New-York based reusable coffee cup, will make you look like you’re straight out of a Swedish magazine of hygge on the go – aka a highly desirable look acquired through the coziness of drinking your oat mylk latte through a mint green collapsible, spill-proof: Stojo. But seriously, let’s get real about the monstrosity that is disposable coffee cups.

“A news story from mid-2016 revealed that Tim Hortons, while inviting customers to place their disposable coffee cups in recycling containers, was not in fact recycling the cups in most parts of Canada, but merely sending them to landfills.”

35,000. 35,000 tonnes of paper represent the amount of disposable coffee cups that end up in Canada’s landfill each year – in other terms, an estimated 1.6 billion – 2 billion disposable coffee cups! The thing is, it’s understandable. We work at a frequency that requires an IV of caffeine; however, there is nothing professional, savvy, or attractive, about showing up somewhere with a disposable cup. This is where New-Yorker Dads and creators of this weeks feature, Stojo, come in.

In it’s full collapsible form…I mean, come on!
Marketed for flat whites or wine – makes sense.
Think this colour is black? Think again. Stojo Dads coined this one ‘ink’.

Naturally born out of coffee driven state New York, Jurrien, Alex, and Ben, invented the cutest cup around town. But in all seriousness, Stojo is PRACTICAL – hence, why three Dads on the go invented it. Hate how stainless steal cups can’t get a clean, clean? Hate when you flip between a dark roast americano and a herbal tea, and you’re not the biggest fan of that cross contaminated taste? Same with the guys at Stojo, their practicality takes their three part cup straight to your dishwasher. So, if you’re asking for a friend if you could possibly use your Stojo, for a dirty chai tea latte in the a.m. and have it ready for a rose in the p.m., the answer is simply yes, yes you can – as I have been told by said friend.

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