If you’re in the market to buy, sell, or rent some threads, the time could not be more perfect for you. Understanding the lawfully ignorant connotations with supporting and purchasing from fast fashion leaders (Zara, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, etc.) should stay in the 2010s.

Let’s not.

Finding the nuances with eclectic pieces is an individualized experience that takes a simple perspective change. Realizing what is sitting in your closet requires a simple toy around with, cut, alter, or re-pairing, is a beautiful way to save some coin while also creating a completely uniquely you outfit.

Still not working? Try selling to your community through Facebook Marketplace. You get to meet new people, create something new again for a peer in your community, while all the time, halting ditching your clothes to the landfill.

Facebook marketplace not doing the trick? Dry Depop, Poshmark, Instagram, TheRealReal, or get your friends together to do a clothing swap!

There are amble ways to share your threads and keep fashion sustainable, buying what the market is selling, is not the answer. Get creative, be creative, and be the change!

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