Over the past years, I’m sure everyone and their Mother has been made aware of plant-based diets, vegan diets, and a variation of meatless Monday’s. So let’s get into it.

I read a fantastic article put out by BBC News, Plant-based diet can fight climate change – UN, shedding light on the misconceptions of plant-based diets while also, putting some hard-hitting numbers in layman terms. Essentially, Western civilization is consuming far too much meat. Gorging when we do not need to.

Above is a simple look into greenhouse gas emission from food itself. As you can see, mean and animal products are emitting an absurd amount.

A simple fact: “Twenty servings of vegetables have fewer greenhouse gas emissions than one serving of beef.

With acknowledgments like this, we know and have known, that over-consuming animal by-products isn’t just a cyclical repercussion of capitalism, but it subsequently, takes a direct toll on our environment. So say for example, if Jack is to eat eggs with shredded chicken for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch, and a beef stir-fry for dinner, he is not introducing any sort of perspective to the environmental damage he is doing- simply by making choices to better serve his pallet that day. This is where we need to educate, share our knowledge, and get excited about cooking with vegetables! What if Jack had overnight oats with a vegan protein powder for breakfast, a vegetable soup with soda bread for lunch, and a vegetable ratatouille for dinner? That sounds absolutely fantastic and an achievable alternative to his current state menu.

With turning to sustainable alternatives, the intention of this blog is not to scare you into changing, nor is it to bully you into having one singular viewpoint. Moreover, the ethos of this blog is to offer simple alternatives. And that’s where the art of small conscious choices, leads to progress beyond your kitchen.

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