You’re going to have to bare with me with this one (I’m not too sure how that one is going to ground):


We are at a point in our current culture where we are constantly consuming, and this also means in the bathroom. A single use product wrapped in your local supermarket’s in single use plastic…this is where the bidet serves its purpose.

Surfacing from our friends in France in the 1600s, the bidet and it’s additive features to cutting down waste, is something that every new developer and homeowner should consider.

While the hesitation to me, feels like a standardized ‘othering’ of products that haven’t been socially deemed to our norms in North America, the bidet is a bathroom accessory that has been proved to be more environmentally friendly over it’s TP affiliate.

What I am not suggesting here, is that one installs this higher end product in place of their already existing toilet; however, it is a notion that needs to be further looked into as we continue to build more, produce more, and waste more.

On a separate note, it only felt appropriate to have the iconic Duchamp Fountain, as a signifier of this weeks blog post – break down the barriers through art?

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