A picture guide to planting your own tomatoes! Best thing about tomatoes? Everything.

Pasta sauce. Pizza sauce. In a sandwich. A base for a fan favourite: Shakshuka. A gift to your neighbours. But most importantly…fresh and raw with Malden salt.

  1. In starts indoors- growing
    ‘tomats’ is a long journey, so start with the seeds setting inside.
  2. Create a hole, two times the length of your tomato root.
  3. Get your fertilizer! And put a small handful in your dugout hole (wormy…or not!)
  4. Plant the baby! Right to where your first leaves hit.
  5. Now. Stalk it or Cage it- I’m more of a stalk gal myself, it alludes to a rustic nature, but perhaps that my childhood nostalgia of Jack and Beanstalk.
    1. Stalk, created from wood structures.
    2. Cage! From Lee Valley for just under $20

Information required from:https://www.dummies.com/home-garden/gardening/vegetable-gardening/how-to-grow-tomatoes/  as well as my Ukrainian Grandfather, who has the meanest garden around.

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