Carbon emissions from vehicles in particular, are ruining our planet. The active choice to pick proactivity over reactivity when it comes to living more stainable, is key. Meeting an old pal for coffee or lunch at noon? Make the active choice to not only choose yourself by actively moving, but by subsequently, choosing the wellness of our planet by biking, walking, running, whatever it may be, to your next coffee date.

Heading too far? That’s when we need to acknowledge this mode of transportation is not an end all be all answer; however, it is an active choice to reevaluate the planning of your days. Although, in these instances where your quads can not fathom the thought of an uphill day, choose carpool.

Not only has James Corden made carpooling cool again, but it can actually be a wonderful opportunity to make your own version of his hit ‘Carpool Karaoke‘. Carpooling is a great way to get in that extra socialization, skip the traffic, and get to know someone’s true taste of music!

Want to level up carpooling? Ditch your insurance bills and sign up for Zipcar, Modo, or Evo Car Share, and really undertake a proactive stance against carbon emissions. 

Any small or big action to reduce our global footprint will lessen the average six tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by one singular vehicle.

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