. . . the current grocery store system was broken, and even the most ethical, local, and organic example, was still caught in this cycle of waste. And so, she asked the simple question that would positively change things forever. What if food … was just food again?

Founder of Nada; Brianne Miller.

Have you ever put your nuts, chia seeds, shaved coconut, or cinnamon in a jar? Not only is it ~~aesthetically pleasing~~ and can make you an at home influencer, but it makes cooking easier, your cupboards more organized, and your life…together!

At the crossroads of Fraser and Broadway, you will find a local leader and favorite, Nada Grocery. Built upon the idea that grocery stores could stand to be use less waste (have you seen single-use plastic packaging around bananas? Bananas.), starting with an idea in 2013, Nada Grocery opened their doors to the public in 2018.

The grocery store values social change and commitment to a no waste store. With shopper bringing their own packaging and reusable containers, the store works as any other Save On Foods, Safeway, or IGA would work. You pay by weight, for what you need, no matter how much or how little.

Facilitating the awareness amongst the community that grocery stores and our food system was “broken”, the introduction of Nada Grocery to the Vancouver scene has tossed up how one views the shopping process. Does your bag of flour need that plastic? No.

Not convinced yet? Here are some numbers from Nada Grocery’s website:

30565 containers diverted from landfill

45 community partners supported

950 KGs of GHGs (greenhouse gas) saved from food alone

0 KGs of food waste sent to landfill

3500 dollars donated to grassroots community organizations

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